Friday, August 1, 2008

Best Animals Ever

I have alot of insane dreams. Last night I not only dreamed that I was attending college at Ramen Noodle University, but I also dreamt that I discovered two new species of animals. Which prompts me to make this list of real-life animals that I wish I had discovered.

In no particular order...

Mimic Octopus.

This thing can change into anything. I've personally seen one transform into a 15 foot conversion van with rims and ground effects. Amazing.


These precious baby bears can hold anything in those pouches. Think of the possibilities! Plus their razor-sharp claws of justice can tear through any bag of snacks you may struggle with.


This video explains it much better than I ever could.


Let's face it, they're better than dogs. Get over it.
Can your dog bring about world peace or fix your router? Doubtful. It's a scientific fact that cats can do those things. The Japanese love them and we all know that they know cute more than any other nation of people.
Dispute me. I dare you.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

i give this blog 3 weeks

Miss Jumper said...

I will kill you, Jerry Reed.

gabby said...

i tink you leeved wun "animul" off ov u list. rood.