Sunday, March 22, 2009

Open Post hosted by Sarah Blakely...

I can't think of anything to write, so I asked my best pal Jonna "Heisman" Brown to give me a topic.
She chose the topic of "Spanx". She's never led me astray, so I'll roll with it.
If you're a female (or a drag queen) and have never used these, then you are foolish and deserve to be ridiculed. Many high-powered and important ladies swear by these magical girdles..Oprah,Beyonce, John Travolta... I am convinced that they're sewn by angels out of threads of pure love. They are more important to mankind than any stupid vaccine or invention. They suck in everything and don't creep or roll, and that alone spares the world alot of grief. Have you ever been around a woman whose pantyhose don't fit right during an important event? Not. Fun.
So in conclusion, Spanx are the most important invention of the past 2000 years. Also, they've allowed me to write this, and in doing so I've put off doing my laundry for about 15 minutes, and that is a gift in itself. Thanks, Jonna. And thank you, Spanx.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Filters are for fish tanks

Candor comes in handy when you teach punkass high schoolers. Sometimes you have to just say what you're thinking, and for me that's like breathing (and teaching in the inner city for a year hasn't hurt this skill).

Me: I've decided on a seating chart for this it is.
Senior boy: Aww, what!? Why? This sucks?
Me: Because the amount of talking during the video last week was an abomination to the name of public education.
Senior boy: You're an abomination.
Me: Your mama's an abomination.
Senior boy: Alright, you got me with that one.