Monday, March 9, 2009

Filters are for fish tanks

Candor comes in handy when you teach punkass high schoolers. Sometimes you have to just say what you're thinking, and for me that's like breathing (and teaching in the inner city for a year hasn't hurt this skill).

Me: I've decided on a seating chart for this it is.
Senior boy: Aww, what!? Why? This sucks?
Me: Because the amount of talking during the video last week was an abomination to the name of public education.
Senior boy: You're an abomination.
Me: Your mama's an abomination.
Senior boy: Alright, you got me with that one.


MzAshleyQ said...

LOVE IT! I gotta watch myself... I said that ONCE, JOKING, to a 5th grade class and I'm terrified they'll throw it back at me when the principal's around.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

If you say "Fuck" in a school, an angel gets its wings