Monday, January 5, 2009


That last blog was subpar, and here's the reason why:
I will be celebrating my last birthday in my 20s on Wednesday.
I am not happy about this.
I have vowed to be the most perfect version of myself by that next bday, so I've gotten back on the health wagon. That includes, but is not limited to, following the church of Weight Watchers, using my Wii Fit, and not smoking.
As you can imagine, this has sucked every last bit of fun out of my life. Do you know how thrilling it is to sit on your couch and shake your Wii controller while you smoke and eat ice cream?
It's like heaven.
But it's disgusting and in no way helps me in my path to perfection.
Nicotine is as addictive as heroin. Don't forget that if you catch me passed out on my couch in a relapse, with a mainline of Marlboro Reds connected to my vein and a half eaten pint of Chunky Monkey precariously perched on my belly.
Anyway, I suggest you tread lightly around me for the next few weeks. Maybe months.
Oh, and I want flowers for my birthday. Real ones.


pittstaylor said...

I'll send you flowers! Where do they need to be sent?

Katy said...

Dammit, had I known your b-day was today I would've sent you some darn flowers maybe even some W. Watchers treats. I too am on the band wagon 'o health, I even posted on the issue today.