Monday, January 5, 2009

Bing Bong

Christmas is over, how depressing. I put my tree up on Halloween in anticipation and now it's over. No more good tidings, no more fruitcake, and no more airings Home Alone 2. Boohoo.

I ran all over the country this break. I spent NYE in the mountains of North Carolina. The whole Hoffenchard gang was all together and played 3 hours worth of sardines at the mountain house. Many drunken hollers were heard by ole man Eric. STARKKKKSSSS!!!!! He's still hiding somewhere in there as far as I know...
On the plane home, I had a layover in Charlotte. I was so exhausted. You'd think people had never seen a grown woman sleep on the floor of an airport. As the first plane landed, the 'bing bong' sound went off to alert us that we could take off our seatbelts. As the alert sounded, I inexplicably mimicked it with a loud "BING BONNNNNG". I have no idea why, but everyone turned and stared at me as if they'd never heard a grown woman yell "BING BONNNNG" on a plane. So rude.
In conclusion, the holiday break is too short. That is all.


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