Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life's Mysteries

One of the few benefits of being an only child is having lots of time to think. No siblings to disturb you while sitting in your thinking-bean-bag-chair, pondering life's eternal questions and blowing in your bubble pipe....

Why is the sky blue?
Who decided which end of a planet is up? Are we looking at them upside-down?
If I take a picture of a mirror, how come I can't see my reflection when I look at the picture?
Why are walruses so freakin' weird?
Do I have an evil twin?
What happens if a Goonie DOES say die?

But a long-forgotten question came to mind again while I was sitting in the Walton Arts Center watching "The Wizard of Oz" last night (I give it a B)....

What the hell is up with the Tin Man?

The Scarecrow makes sense, he's a friggin' scare crow.
The Lion is odd since lions are savannah animals, but still feasible since Dorothy wanders through a magical forest full of lions, tigers, and bears (shut up).
But the Tin Man? He's a woodsman, okay...that makes sense. But why the hell is he made of tin? Did lumberjacks in olden times wear full body armor while they chopped? Is this some symbolism I don't get? Did L. Frank Baum find shiny metal sexually attractive?
Why the hell is he TIN!!!???? I won't rest until I get a decent answer and you shouldn't either.
BTW, I turned 29 today.


Katy said...

Oh, Happy Birthday my friend!!! Way to go, way to be. Any exciting plans for ya tonight? Hope you have a wonderful eve.

Tin Man, he is confusing to thyself as well. We could do research on the subject maybe.

Micah said...

Because pewterman sounds weak.

Ironman is a tough name, so its unbelievable that he doesn't have a heart.

And leadman just sounds dirty.

Tasha said...

Happy Birthday!

You forgot the ever important question....

Did Adam (the Adam and Eve one) have a belly button?

Yup, also an only child.