Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Schoolin'

As some of you who remember my first teaching year blog, I enjoy eavesdropping on my students and exploiting their hilarious comments. Here are some from this year so you'll see, there are some similar ideas from the kids at both schools where I've taught.

5th grade boy: Nooo,dude...I said "pimp". Like Lil' Wayne...HE'S a pimp...

9th grade boy: (sitting behind my desk, in my chair)
Me: No sir! Get outta my seat!
9th grade boy: (stares at me blankly). Awww, Miss just don't want me sitting in your seat 'cause you think I'm gonna steal something 'cause I'm an INDIAN!

Me: All right, y'all. Let's get ready for the bell.
12th grade boy: Dang, Miss Jumper, why are you so freakin' bossy?

Kid in the hall: mom totally got hit on by Layne Staley!!! *Pause.* Who's Layne Staley?

11th grade boy: Miss Jumper, have you heard of this old band..I think they're called"Pearl Jam"?


Tasha K. said...

I heart Pearl Jam!

Micah said...

At least the kid has good taste in music.