Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More More Schoolin'


5th grade boy: Hey, dude, ask me if you can borrow my pencil...
Other 5th grade boy: Uh..can..I..borrow your pencil?
5th grade boy: When PIGS fly!!! *laughs uncontrollably*

Miss Jumper: Okay, guys, so this mask is from the Dan people in's a female ceremony mask...
Senior Girl: Wait, wait, wait...if this is a female mask then why do they call it Dan??? *Looks around for support from classmates*

Senior Student: Miss Jumper, you remind me of my gramma...*before I can respond with an "awwww!"*....My gramma is a BITCH!
Miss Jumper: Yeah, well when I was in high school....
Student: When was that??
Miss Jumper: Like, ten years ago... I still remember where I was when Kurt Cobain died.
Student: *Pause* Who's Kurt Cobain?
Cue Miss Jumper's soul being crushed and her youth floating away.


Tasha K. said...

Little bastards don't know good music when it smacks them on the head! You should try that next time. Smack!

Original Settler said...

No, really, who is Kurt Cobain?

Katy said...

You so funny girl!
Two things.
1. I left you a comment on ya otha blog.
2. Why do some people have more than 1 blog? Not making fun, just ...why? What made you do this? I'm not hatin or nothin.

toe said...

We were at PKMS when I found out... 8th grade... I was devestated... I called Mom and made her pick me up... she thought it was a classmate...umm... I am still devestated... but I had to go back to school the next day..