Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't call me Shirley.

Teaching high schoolers is often like being stuck in a Zucker Brothers movie, except without Leslie Nielson and the zaniess. Their poor heads are so clogged with hormones and Lil' Wayne lyrics that the simplest lessons don't sink in and they stare at you like you instructed them in Latin.

Student: Is this 3-D? *shows flat shape glued to another flat shape*
Me: No.
Student: Why not?!?!
Me: It's flat.
Student: Oh, so it IS 3-D!
Me: No. It's 2-D.
Student: Oh.... but it is flat, right?
Me: *Blank stare*
Student: *Blank Stare*
End Scene

Thank Howard Gardner for inner-monologue. I probably be prosecuted otherwise.


Tasha said...

Love the Blank Stare part. Hee Hee!!!