Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some things never change....

Post-election day in a school is always interesting.
So is the realization that kids now still do the same stupid stuff you did at their age.
As one 5th grader was explaining to me that John McCain was a good candidate, but Sarah Palin lacked experience, the kid behind him was showing the others how he could pop his shoulder out of place. This exploded into every child showing me their freakshow talents...double jointed fingers, scars from summers at the lake, and my favorite-the extreme hand-flop from a broken wrist.
As it calmed down and they continued to work, one of the boys in the back suddenly got this puzzled look, raised his hand and asked "Miss Jumper....can fish get diabetes??"
This spawned the whole "If you have this, then you have this" game. If your right leg is longer than your left then you'll die young, if you can touch your nose with your tongue then you're real smart...then the classic. If your hand is bigger than your face then you have cancer. One poor under-informed boy fell for it and got a smash in the grill. I joined in the pointing and laughing until the bell rang. I hope he forgives me.


Katy said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting again. I was about to turn you in to the blogging police. They really do arrest bloggers for that you know. I'm telling the truth, I promise.
Funny story.